Children's Mental Health Outcome Measures Reporting

Kim Ross 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Thomas Wasser 7 years ago 11

We're streamlining our process for CMH Outcome Measures Reporting which is required for ALL MHCP clients (children) who receive services.

I'd appreciate knowing what others are doing?

Please share what is your process.

Thank you !


You have a process for that?? Do tell. We've been using the MN-It's website. Is there a better way, folks?

We used to keep an Excel spreadsheet in addition to MN-ITS because the ability to pull data from MN-ITS is so limited, but we've dropped our Excel tracking and now do only the required MN-ITS entry.


Who does the entry into MNITS? How do they easily get the data?

We are thinking of using the same process we use for MHIS reporting, but it would require Procentive building a new form for us to use specifically for CMHOM Reporting. The provider would complete the Procentive form which would trigger a workflow to an admin staff to enter the data into MNITS.

I would love to know more about how others are managing this!


Kim, If you are interested. I have worked out several methods for clients at the state and provider level to satisfy reporting requirements for outcomes reporting using inferential statistical methods. These analysis have always been accepted by both funders and state agencies as valid outcomes reports. Let me know if you are interested. CASII, ACES, BPRS, DRSA, tons of others

We have a workflow reminder from the CASII/ECSII 5.5 months after completion. Counselor completes the CASII/ECSII, intake staff give the client the SDQ to complete, and then intake staff enter both instruments to MN-ITS.

This process has never been easy. We have a workflow prompt when the CASII/ECSII is signed by the QMHP to have the staff print it, and submit it with the SDQ forms and turned into our business office so they can do the data entry into MN-ITS. However with the new CTSS codes, mental health practitioners can bill time for submitting outcomes data to the state, so we are looking at streamline the process to a practitioner at each office location being trained and then billing the time to enter it into MN-ITS.


Did you find a way to streamline your process? If so, what is the revised process? We're struggling with getting this done efficiently and effectively...




Our current approach is we have all of our staff writing DA's (Clinical Trainees and Mental Health Professionals) as users in MN-ITS to enter the CASII/ECSII and SDQ's when they do the assessments,. This way they can get their SDQ results for their DA in a quicker time to complete their report. If their DA isn't for a current client, they count the time as part of the assessment writing. For current clients who are getting their annual DA, if they client has PMAP or MA then the staff bills their time to the new CTSS code H0031 UA UD - Administering and Reporting Standardized Measures. For all of the 6 month CASII/ECSII and SDQ's that need to be entered we have identified a Mental Health Practitioner at each site who is trained and they enter all of them into the MN-ITS system for the staff at their location. They bill them all to the CTSS code and if there is a payer we bill it and if not, we don't. This way the staff gets billing credit and we have more timely entry of all of our outcome measures.  Hope that is helpful!


Does anyone know if there is a training on how to use the mnits website to enter this data? I looked on the website and there is a pdf but is that it? Also what are your ideas on which staff should enter this info? When the staff (mhp) is entering the info is this time considered billable with the H0031? Thanks!

We have all of our staff who write diagnostic assessments as users in MN-ITS to enter the information directly since we also use it as the way to score the SDQ. If it is the very first DA in our system they can't bill for it, however if it is a DA for a current client, they bill it as long as the client has MA/PMAP. For the 6 month CASII/ECSII/SDQ, we have an identified mental health practitioner at each office who is trained to do the entries. They then bill the H0031 code for clients who have MA/PMAP. We give the practitioners productivity credit for entering any of the clients we can't bill to MA/PMAP (because the client is associated with a grant) since the billing rate is higher than individual skills so it comes out even on our end.

We're having issues getting data entered into CMHOM Reporting in MNITS. We keep getting an error message: "Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: #{pc-RecommendedServices.doReviewLinkAction}: java.lang.NullPOinterException"  Very frustrating! Help!