Note to document MN CTSS ITP development

Jana 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by anonymous 7 years ago 18

I'm wondering if any MN CTSS agencies are planning or wanting to create a note to specifically document time billed for treatment plan development? If so, we are interested in working together on this.

Hi, Jana. We just created a note for this and I was planning on sending it through a Help ticket to Procentive today. I will go ahead and send it so you can take a look. Thanks!

Thanks Kathy! If not too much trouble, could you email it to me? jjudisch@thevillagefamily.org

Kathy, would you be willing to email me your note template as well? jmathwig.olson.por@gmail.com


Hi Kathy,

I didn't receive the email that you sent. Would you mind trying again? jmathwig.olson.por@gmail.com



Could you also please send me the document also? My email is cputz@counseling-services.org

Hi Kathy, I'm wondering if you would be willing to email me a copy of your note template as well. My email is ctjohnson@tsapc.net. Thank you!

Is it possible for you to send this to my email? teresa.trepanier@northhomes.org. Right now we are just using a progress note and I think that your template would be better. thank you!



I would love to have a look at it too!


I was planning on updating the CTSS treatment plan to provide a definitive space to record CTSS tx plan development per Dwight Heil's examples from the webinar. Am I missing something --would this not be sufficient?

Jill, if you add a section to the treatment plan to document this how will you tie the service line (CPT code) if there is more than one entry? We currently have a section on our Progress Notes called Collateral Contact and figures we would document in that section.

Yes Jill, that will work. Dwight offered examples of both ways to document - in the tx plan or a progress note. I think we are just leaning toward a note.

My email:


Thanks Kathy!

If it's not too much trouble, please email me as well: bptsmn@gmail.com

Thanks so much!

Just emailed those of you who requested. Hope it's helpful!

Can I also get a copy of the template that people have been discussing. Thank you!


Very helpful. Thanks again, Kathy.

Hi Kathy, I'm wondering if you would be willing to email me a copy of your note template as well. My email is mwoller@jthcc.org. Thank you!