DAANES PRO-1140, 1141 and 1440 Form for 5055 Report

Sheila Paulus 9 months ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Cory Somlai 9 months ago 1

Does anyone currently use PRO-1140, PRO-1141, and PRO-1440 documents to complete their 5055 report for their import? If so, is anyone else having issues where the funding tab isn't completing? Also, how do you get the Comprehensive Assessment data to pull in to upload as well? Is that even an option?

Hi, I spoke to someone at DAANES and this is what I was told.  The Comprehensive Assessment does not pull over. I have been having to do 2, one for DAANES and one for Procentive, as for the funding tab, they just did an upgrade, so the information doesn't carry over yet.