linda 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated 8 years ago 6

We have interns/ADT. How do you handle signing off on the medical record when you should have two signatures?

Do you mean two supervisor signatures, OR an intern and supervisor signature?

Linda, all of our clinical charting forms have four signature areas -- client, interpreter, clinician, and supervisor. The intern (clinician) tasks the clinical charting form to the appropriate supervisor for review and signature.

Intern and supervisor. When I review (ex a mental health note) I see one spot for the counselor open signing window. Did I miss that a second open signing window can be opened for supervisor?

Would this be true for the Rule 25 tool?

We apparently are not doing that. Would you please explain that in further detail or tell me where I can find that in the help manual?

Linda, when Procentive created our forms, we had asked that they include all four of those signature areas for our client charting options. You might want to ask Procentive to include more signature areas to that form, if more are needed.

Thanks. I know get it. I will have our forms updated.