Are there settings to make the Clients module and Time Module client search box load faster?

kajohnson 8 months ago in Clients Module updated by Julie Timm 8 months ago 1

Both appear to default to first pulling up a list of all clients we've ever had, so it's very slow to load. It also will not allow the user to search for a specific client until this initial loading is complete.  Settings currently in place: Location, Staff, Program, and Note Type are set to all and Client Status is set to Active & Inactive.


Hi there,

I also have issues with the client module running slow, but was told it was due to the system having too many clients, and the users locations/programs being to broad (I have access to all locations/programs so it runs really slow). I have updated our staff's locations/programs to only provide them access to the sites they need in an effort to help reduce the slowness that the staff may have. Also, I have combed through our client module to reduce the number of duplicate accounts by merging the records together in an effort to help speed up the process.  I can't seem to find settings to make it load faster, but would love to know if there are any!