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Paula 1 year ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 1 year ago 8


Is anyone else having trouble with sending out faxes through the Fax Module today?

I don't even know where the fax module is at or what this is that I'm on here I think I like it but I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

Hi Chamberlynn - you are on the Community Users of Procentive. A User Group help.  This is a format to ask questions or get direction if you have a general question regarding mental health, insurance billing, etc.  

The Fax Module is an extra, to pay through Procentive.  But it gives you the ability to send and receive faxes directly into Procentive and attach documents to client clinical charts.  Also, the ability to fax out clinical charts to other professionals. Super easy and worth paying the extra to have the Fax Module!

Paula, I looked at our module and it appears we have not had issues at all this week with sending or receiving. Hope you get yours figured out!

We are having issues with faxing into Procentive Faxes module.  We fax as usual from our fax machine/copier/scanner, and get a confirmation saying it went through.  However, the fax doesn't show up in the Faxes module.  Is this happening to anyone else?

Are you making sure the default at the top has been changed to "sent" and not "received"?

Yes. We typically use both features - sent/received, but even when we get a confirmation that a fax has gone through, it doesn't show up in the Faxes module, in Received.

Shoot! I was hoping it was just a quick fix for you. Hope it gets corrected for you soon!