Diagnosis Tab not working

Steph H 1 year ago in Clients Module updated 1 year ago 4

Anyone else having issues entering DX codes in client mod for new clients?  Just started today. We can access the code dropdown and select the code but nothing happens when we select "OK".  We also can't manually enter the code. 

Same problem over here too!


We are also having this issue. If you add the diagnosis code to line 2, and select save, it works.  Then when you reopen the client tab, it moves it to the top line and works. Not sure if this is the best solution, but it works. I have submitted a ticket to Procentive and they are aware of the issues per my ticket.

Thanks for the work around! We've also submitted a tx to Procentive. 


Yes, adding to line 2 works - Thanks Julie Timm!