Problems with viewing records?

Hanna 1 year ago in Clients Module updated by Bobbi 1 year ago 4

Does anyone else have issues with viewing records? We have a front desk worker who is not able to see any records, to fulfill records requests coming in (part of the front desk job)...  

I started out as a front desk worker and am now in billing, but this new worker can never see records on a client's dashboard or anywhere (if it is before a certain point). I was always able to see EVERYONE's info to fulfill requests (when I was in the same role). 

Any thoughts or solutions?

It sounds like it might have something to do with the role selected for this specific staff. Have you double-checked the permissions?

I double checked the role we selected. It is the same role that I had previously, yet it's not working at all like it was for me.. I suppose we have to send in a ticket to Procentive?

They should be able to help you with the permissions information at the bottom of the Role information. I know we had an issue with that and I believe that is how they helped us solve the problem. Good luck! 

check what programs are selected in her staff module as well as how the permissions are set up in the role.