Continued Slowness

Kate Burek 1 year ago in User Group Help updated by Chris W. 1 year ago 7


Are other users continuing to experience periods of slow response with Procentive?  We are having a slow morning.  We had a few days last week with periods of slow responses.  Thanks!

Thank you.  When we put tickets in before asking the forum, they usually try to trouble shoot our connections and browser choice first.  It seems to help to ask everyone else and then put a ticket in.  It seems like it has been a lot of issues in the last month.

Agree - again same for us

Same at our facility. :(

Same here. I think today it is worse than yesterday!

Same. very slow at times! Frustrating. 

Yes, this is terrible!  Clearly this is not just our connections, it has to be a system issue.  It takes forever to go between modules for the information to load.  If you add a comment to a ticket, it just sits there and when applying payments sometimes it actually saves, sometimes it does not or if trying to apply multiple DOS with a payment you have to go back out and come into the client payments again.

Have you had any update as to when this may be fixed?