KNOWN ISSUE: Individual service lines are not re-opening correctly

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in Known Issues updated 8 years ago 3

In the Time Module, when you re-open an existing individual service line, the page is not loading correctly. Location, staff and other fields are displaying as none, even though the original data is saved correctly in the system. This is only a display issue. We are working to resolve this problem now and will update the system for everyone as soon as possible.

UPDATE -- We are still working on this issue, but now also understand that the code descriptions on NEW service lines are not posting correctly either. We hope to have this resolved soon.


We have updated the system, and these issues have been resolved. If you are still having code display problems in individual time, start by logging off and back on again. If they does not resolve the issue, please send in a ticket. You should NOT need to clear your cache for these updates to work.