BluePlus splitting DBT group service line

Jill Benson 2 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Lily 2 years ago 2

Beginning around the middle of October 2022 we have noticed that for some BluePlus members, their group DBT service lines are being split into two service lines at the Payer level creating a nonpayment and an underpayment.  So if we bill 8 units, BluePlus is splitting it into two service lines with 4 units each and thus paying only one and denying the other 4 units as duplicate.  Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, we are having the same issue with DBT, CTSS and ARHMS.  

We are having the same issues with CTSS and ARMHS. I have called them multiple times and they just keep telling me I have to wait till someone calls me back so we can discuss it further.