BluePlus Payments

sarah 4 months ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 4 months ago 3

Is anyone else being underpaid on their claims by BluePlus PMAP, currently? Also, is anyone having trouble with authorization approvals. I am not sure what I did wrong above - that only the title showed up in my post. Sorry!

YES!!!!  We have been underpaid from Blue Plus since July 2020 on our CTSS claims.  There system is not recognizing the UA modifier on the claims and paying us the regular MH rates.  Supposedly Amerigroup doesn't have the right fee schedules loaded into their system, so even our current claims are not getting paid properly either.   As of yesterday, our contact at Blue Plus that we have been working with, said that Amerigroup is still reviewing all of this and no timeframe has been given as to when it will be completed.  So any other CTSS providers, you as well are most likely not getting paid properly.  I have asked Blue Plus to escalate this since we've already been working with them since April and still no solution.  We are talking huge dollar amounts just for us alone, so any other providers....you might want to reach out as well, because the more they hear from, the more pressure we can put on them to get this corrected ASAP.   

Thank you! It looks like our rates changed as of July 2022 DOS so our reimbursements have just now dropped. Thank you so much for your reply and I'm so sorry it has been since 2020 for you! I will definitely be reaching out to them!