Electronic Statements - Anyone Using This?

ejallo 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Emily W 2 years ago 5

Is anyone using the electronic feature for statements?  I'm wondering how it's working and if there have been any glitches before I switch over. 

It has been working as long as your batch is not too big. break your statements in to smaller batches. I do a-l and m-z 

Otherwise we found that not all statements were getting put in the client file for portal review


We are using the electronic statements to the client's portal and we haven't had issues with it for a while now.  BUT just be forewarned, it's not true electronic statements, as the paper statements will still print for your clients.  If you tell it to not print the statement for the client in the mail tab of the client's account, then it won't send it to the client's portal either.  So its been frustrating as we have had many clients asking to not receive the paper copy, but there's not easy way to do that and still have it go to the client's portal.   The only way around this, is to have it marked as do not send statements, then run the report for Do not send statements and then manually go into those clients and have it still send it to the portal.  This work-around is not feasible at all when you are talking hundreds of clients.   So we are still printing the statements and sending to the portal until Procentive, can actually figure out a way to have true electronic statements for those clients that choose to only receive their statements that way.

Sounds like it might be easier to just continue with paper statements until which time the issue you pointed out has been resolved. 

Thanks so much for the feedback!


Our clinic has struggled with this as well. I really hope this is something that is on Procentive's radar as this need is only going to grow with the desire and expectation for paperless statements growing. It would also save our company financially from having to print less and pay less for postage.