Claims not received

Rochelle Garcia 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Sue Nathe 2 years ago 5

I sent out claims electronically on Friday and when I went to the Electronic Module this morning claims are still in "sent" status versus received.  Im not sure if there was any updates that were made in Procentive that these electronic claims have not been received yet. I also had no ERAs this morning which is odd for a Monday morning.  Is this a clearinghouse issue?

We have the same issues... Created a ticket this morning... 

What was the outcome of this issue last week?  I submitted claims to MA on Friday, 9/3 and the claims showed sent for about 2 days, however have now come  back as No Response.  I also sent on 9/5 and it is still in Status of  Sent.   I created a ticket and was asked to check to see if they were received in MNITS and they have not been and they also have no record of issues on their end.  Thanks for any advice- wondering if anything further I may need to do.

Our MN MA claims sent out on 9/3 came back as No Response as well.  

Our claims sent to MNITS on 9/2 are all have a "no response" status. I sent another claim out this morning and it's been in "sent" status all day. 

We have the same issue with our claims dated 09/02.