coordination of benefits denials

Rochelle Garcia 2 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 2 years ago 1


I am wondering how other agencies deal with COB denials.  I have some claims pending due to requesting COB information from the policy holder for different payers. What is your process for these types of denials? Ive thought of sending the client a bill for the amount due. Any advice is welcomed1 Thanks

When we receive COB denials we try to call the client 2 times and get them to call their insurance to update this information.  We make notes on the claims and then if the client doesn't follow through in a month (we call the insurance to verify if done or not), then we will proceed to flipping the claims over to the client.  But it's a lot of work to flip the claims and then the client calls and the claims are reprocessed, so we try and work with the client first as much as we can before sending a bill to the client, but ultimately will if they are not responding to us.