Insurance unable to see service location on claim

sadie twite 1 year ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 1 year ago 4

Ucare is telling us that they are not seeing a service location on our claims. They say they have been manually correcting this but will no longer be doing this going forward. The problem is that we can see the service location on our UB-04 forms when we send out a claim. Has anyone else heard of this and how did you correct it?

Good Morning, We have been working with UCARE to get our Withdrawal Management claims processed correctly for months now.  They got back to us yesterday stating the location is incorrect and we need to change the way we are billing.  We currently bill with the billing address and also the service location on the institutional claims which we have always done.  I am being told the billing location has to be removed.  They have a new claim system and stated it is a more robust system and is catching all these issues as the past one did not.  I am reaching out to the state and others, if we change it for one payer it will change it for all payers from what I understand. 

Thanks for sharing! We have tried to reach out to PAC from UCare as we were instructed by the rep we talked to. She had told us to send a list of our addresses and which NPIs were attached to each. There is a location ID that they assign to these and I believe they may be messed up in Ucare's system especially since we share NPIs for multiple addresses. However when we did send the list with the reference number from our call, we just keep getting emails back saying they need a claim number or some other random thing. They don't seem to be understanding that there is an issue on their end that needs to be corrected.

Thank you for sharing this information with us. Has anyone had issues with HealthPartners? We have received rejections for name errors on clients we have been billing successfully for months. I am wondering if all systems are being fine-tuned?

We have not had issues yet with HealthPartners for this particular reason.  We do have issues getting claims processed that do not require auth but are being told they do by HP.