Issues Logging In

Laura Anderson 2 years ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 2 years ago 6

Is anyone else having issues logging into Procentive today? One of our staff is unable to log in, he keeps getting a message saying "502 bad gateway", has tried several different browsers, cleared his cache, tried his cell phone and laptop. I'm not sure if this is related, but, using Chrome, I have a different login page than normal (using Firefox, it looks the same as before).



Some of our providers have had the same issue---starting last night

Thank you for helping us aware of this matter.  We are currently looking into this issue and will update and soon as we can.


Use address  app.Procentive.com that worked for me

Yes. I have had issues this morning. Had to use an incognito window in my Chrome browser to finally get in.


UPDATE:  Thanks again to everyone for helping us with the information you've sent us.  Currently, you are able to go to app.procentive.com and login as you normally would.  The login page may appear with a blue background and look different than what you are used to, but you are still able to login as normal and everything will function the same.

*Note - You should also clear your cache for "All Time" as we've seen this affect getting the 502 - Bad Gateway Error message.  

We appreciate your patience as we work through completely resolving this issue.

We had all our staff clear their history (cookies, esp.) and then use the app.procentive.com to get to the login. That seems to have worked!