Missing UHC ERAs in Procentive

Jill Benson 2 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Kari Droubie 2 years ago 5

Hello - is anyone else experiencing UHC ERAs from certain plans not populating into the ERA module in Procentive?  For instance, the new UHC PMAP plan - the ERAs are not coming into Procentive and we are manually having to get them from the UHC provider portal and input them?  Curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue since the change in the Clearinghouse.  Thank you!

Yes, we are experiencing the same issue.  I submitted a ticket but the response doesn't seem accurate.  

Did you submit a ticket to Procentive?  I just sent a ticket through the UHC provider portal EDI department to see if we can get some information.  I've called numerous different numbers and have not gotten a resolution.  

We are experiencing this mostly with zero pay remits from UHC but are also experiencing some of the missing remits with other payers of ours too.  I just always submit tickets to Procentive to have them look into as to why they aren't coming through Procentive and my tickets are still in progress. 

I have had a ticket with Procentive as well and have been told it is on the Payer side/not Procentive....I've had numerous calls with UHC and still have not figured this out.

I sent the ticket to Procentive and they were told by Availity/clearinghouse that I needed to submit claims to a different payer ID, which is inaccurate for a UBH PMAP plan.  They are still researching the issue.