What to do when a client is accidentally inactivated

barbara 2 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by sarah 2 years ago 2

Hello! I inactivated a client prematurely. We marked them active again, but I still can't even see any notes written prior to the inactivation day. There are unbilled notes. Even the clinic owner can't see my notes from the week prior to the inactivation.  

You can go into the client dashboard and down to the clinical charting section and click on change options and a box will pop up and you need to say YES to show inactive documents and then hit OK. Hit F5 to refresh if you cant see it.

If you go into the Clinical/Charting Module and change your view from "Active Docs Only" to "All" you will be able to see the inactive documents. 

If you select all the inactive documents/notes and click on Change (upper right corner) - you can make all the selected documents active again.