KNOWN ISSUE: Code display in Group/Add of Time Module

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in Known Issues updated 8 years ago 4

Codes are not displaying correctly when re-opening existing group service lines in the Time Module. The problem appears to be connected only to service lines that have an error. We are still investigating this issue in order to fully understand all that is happening. We hope to have a solution asap and will update this post as we learn more.


At this time, it appears that the issue here was connected to the setup of codes and not an issue with the group module itself. In the examples where customers were having troubles, the codes had not been setup as "group active" codes (in the codes module, billing tab). Once this field was changed to yes for the codes in question, the problem was resolved. So we are going to mark this issue as resolved.

Under review

ANOTHER UPDATE -- We found an issue for customers that use the "Default Code" setting in Group/Add. If the default code checkbox is selected, AND if you select a code from the picklist connected to a specific client in the group -- all of the codes will update in the group/add window. The default code logic should only work when you select the code from the very top of the window. We are working to resolve this now.


The issue with default code/selecting specific codes for a client in Group/Add -- has been resolved.