Clinical Charting Forms Locking on creation

Jamie Zakowski 2 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Celia Gardner 2 years ago 3

Good morning,

We are receiving errors regarding the creation of forms in all areas where a form is created.  When the form is created, the fields are initially able to be filled out and contain a lock and blue border around the form fields.  As long as we do not save, the fields are writeable.  The second the form saves it grays out and we have to exit the form.  Once the form is exited, we can then go back into the form manually and it lets us update from there.  The issue started yesterday, 03/02/2022.

Any assistance/help on this issue is greatly appreciated.


Hi Jamie,

I created a ticket for you and someone from our Forms Team will help you out!

Hi Chris, 

I did submit a ticket on this yesterday. (I'm with Jamie.)