Today's UCare ERA

Heather L. Heim 2 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Kendra A 2 years ago 7

Does anyone have a zero dollar UCare ERA today that shows claims being paid and reversed?  I saw the notice on the UC provider portal about ERAs being delayed, but nothing about erroneous ERAs.  It's an ENTIRE batch of claims for us, not just one or two.

No UCare remit for us today yet.  But all other ones received this week, all seemed to look ok..  You can tell they are delayed though, as previous ones were paying on Dec dates of service yet. 

Yeah these are specifically January 2022 DOS that are processing on the new platform. We've received ERAs for 2021 DOS this week that have not had this issue.

Hi Heather

I had received the same thing, an ERA with payments made and a reversal immediately for several January claims.  I plan on calling them today to investigate. I have received other ERA's and payments for other January claims. 

Did you find anything out today Paula?

There were seven claims on our UCare ERA that were reversed and repaid at the same rate.

By any chance, did anyone find anything out from UCare about these remits?

I have a e-mail in with my UCare contact and will update all once I get an update.