KNOWN ISSUE -- Billing Status in the Appointments Module

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in Known Issues updated 8 years ago 3

The Appointments module, Billing Status drop down is currently not updating to indicate that a service line has been added for the appointment. Please use report 1300 to locate appointments that are missing service lines and report 2030 to locate the service lines that are missing clinical notes.

As soon as this issue is resolved, we will update this topic.

The Billing Status in Appointments is now working for service lines entered moving forward from today. However, there is still a key limitation with groups -- a limitation that has always existed, and that we are still looking to resolve.

The limitation is this: If any clients in the Group/Add window in Time do not match the clients listed in the Appointment (whether those clients were in the Appointment but deleted from Group/Add, or not in the Appointment and added to Group/Add) the billing status will not work. For groups, the logic is looking to find a corresponding service line for ALL clients that are in the Appointment. If anything is amiss, the feature will stay pink (even if most of the clients have been properly entered in Time).

We are still searching for ideas on how to resolve this issue. We will update this post again as we make progress.


This issue has been resolved. For now, with group appointments, if the system finds even one client matching between the group appointment and the group service line, the system will convert the billing status of the appointment based on the one client.