Has anyone tried billing with the new place of service "10"--telehealth patient's home?

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CMS is starting 4-4-22

Major insurers changing telehealth billing requirement in 2022

https://www.aafp.org › entry › telehealth_pos_changeDec 27, 2021 — Beginning Jan. 1, Anthem and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will require commercial and Medicare Advantage plans to use new place of service (POS) ...

Yes. We have gotten denials on some, so resubmitted with the 2. It seems easier to do it this way than to have clinicians change how they are billing for just the few months until the 10 becomes active.

Super frustrating!!

Here is what we have found:

BCBS: claims with place of service (10)  reject at clearinghouse.

Cigna: as per newsletter requests you don't use 10 yet

Medicare: rejects at clearinghouse (they aren't using until April 2022)

Tri-care: Rejects at clearinghouse

Humana: no rejection at clearinghouse, but will deny on remit

We will see with MN MA soon.... 

That's exactly what happened to me!

This new change has my clinicians thrown for a huge loop because the 02 truly is now billing inaccurately with the description for telehealth .  Thank you for sharing your rejections.  Confirms I will not add this into our system until it is identified as a necessary change.  

Agreed! The description is not matching the actual place of service at this time. We are just resubmitting with the correct code instead of having staff use the 02 and then the 10 in April. Too confusing for them to switch things up for just two-plus months.