POS 10

ejallo 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 2 years ago 8

Are any payers by UBH using POS 10 yet that you know of?

Does anyone know what payers have begun to accept this POS? 

I havent had any problems with POS 10 except with BCBS.  


10 is not being accepted for us yet with BCBS MN/Blue Plus, Humana, Medicare & ND MA. All others seem to be accepting it though. 

Are you still using the GT/95 modifiers?  


Depending on the payer and their requirements, yes. 

Does anyone know when we are required to use POS 10?

It varies by payer, I'm sending one claim to each payer as a test to see if it pays or not before I make any changes to my setup. POS 10 wasn't even an option when I tried to file a replacement claim on MN-Its this morning. 

Payers have to accept it at the very latest of 4/4/22