Extended Diagnostic Assessments

ejallo 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 3 years ago 2

We are going to start doing extended DAs and I'm wondering how other users have set their systems up to allow for multiple visits but only submitting the charge to insurance once the DA is complete. Any feedback

Disclaimer - we haven't billed an extended DA in a long time.  However, we set up a non-billable code for the first two visits so we can track the service provided (and to link a service line to each appt).  In the event the client doesn't return for the 3rd visit, or criteria isn't met to justify billing the extended DA, we can change the code.  Otherwise, once the DA is complete, we bill for the third visit.

We stopped billing the extended DA as well, due to clients not always attending all three. But we did it the same way Kari mentions - two non-billable codes for the first two appointments and then the extended DA code for the third.