Angela 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by Heather L. Heim 3 years ago 3

Hello! I was recently made a Champion, but still do not have the option to send a ticket to Procentive (the little check box for "send to Procentive" is missing). I tried sending a message via Knowledge Hub for assistance over a week ago and haven't received a response, and the only option when calling for "Customer Support" is to either create a ticket or speak with a Champion. I've scoured everything I can find on the topic and have yet to figure out how to fix this issue.  Anyone have any ideas?

You could try connecting via Chat ?  

If someone else in your company is able to ticket procentive you could create a ticket and add them then have them send it to Procentive for you to add that ability for you. 

Procentive needs to add that permission, and they typically require that users with that permission have a certain amount of time using Procentive.  I want to say it's 6 months, or maybe a year.