Payments Window "Show" options

kajohnson 3 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by sadie twite 3 years ago 2

Can someone explain the difference between "Unpaid (All Inv. Items)" and "Unpaid (Inv. Items Only)" in the drop-down menu for "Show" in the Payments window?  I don't see this called out in the Knowledge Hub.  Thank you!

When All inv. Items is selected, you will see all bill lines for each service, including those with $0 balance.  When Inv. Items Only is selected, you will only see the bill lines that have a remaining balance.

The Unpaid (All Inv. Items) comes in handy if you are submitting to primary and secondary payers. If you use this view you can see that the primary was billed even if it no longer has a balance on it. The Unpaid (Inv Items Only) will only show the invoices that have the balances left on it.