SSL Cert. Expired?

Trier Buhrsmith 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 3 years ago 6

I believe Procentive's SSL certificate has expired. I am unable to login because of this issue; is anyone else running into the same error?


I am unable to login also.  I have been trying since 7 am

Hello All,

Thank you for alerting us of this issue.  If you go to app.procentive.com, you should be able to login as normal.  For some reason, Googling "Procentive" is giving people an error and we are looking into it.

Please use the url: app.procentive.com and we recommend bookmarking it for future use.

I used app.procentive.com and also have it bookmarked.  Still was unable to login.  Only had a blank white screen.

Have you tried clearing your cookies? I think it will take you back to your previously used "Procentive" if you haven't cleared those? I'm SO NOT an IT person - but that's always my go-to reply. "Did you clear your history in Chrome?"

I clear my history/cookies at the end of everyday because over the years I have found that Procentive works better when I do.  I have since been able to login and am working without any difficulties currently.  Thanks for the advice though!

It's my go-to. Glad you're in now!