Update Issues

DJ2021 3 years ago in User Group Help updated by Shauna Dall 3 years ago 4

So since the update I find the the sort function in any given function area is a problem. Not sure that is a useful update. I can no longer sort in Time model under residential so I have to scroll and find the location in a random list. In the ERA module sorting by payer no longer efficient either. 

I am no longer able to print a single claim (a denied one)  when posting ERAs

I have an issue with the time module not refreshing if I edit a group service.  I have to manually refresh the page.

The residential time view is very problematic now, too. When deleting a line from a residential calendar, it does not update visually. Close out and re-open (without saving) and it opens a window for a new service line.

Also, if there is an error on a claim the error box is showing up at the top near the header bar, which doesn't work if you're scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

I'm having these issues also and need to go back and reset search fields way too often.