DBT-A codes

Kim Ross 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 3 years ago 4

Has anyone successfully received reimbursements for H2019 codes for adolescents from either Ucare PMAP or FFS MA? MA associated codes are H2019 U1 HQ HA (group) and H2019 U1 HA, per MHCP provider manual.


MA requires an auth in order to bill those codes, through KePRO.  UCare PMAP requires an auth after a specific number of units.


Yes, thanks.

And, DHS does not have a Kepro auth form for adolescents ready yet... 

Have you successfully received reimbursements from either MA or UCare for the H2019 adolescent codes?



I'm so sorry - I totally missed that is was adolescent. We bill the 90849 for our adolescent DBT as a parent is required to attend with the client for our group billing. We don't bill the H2019 UA for therapy as they are able to attend therapy with us or another agency. The therapy portion is billed with the 908XX individual therapy codes.

So sorry for my confusion! My reply wasn't helpful at all up above.