Client portal not emailing

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by maryp 3 years ago 3

We are trying to start using the Client portal, we have set up a "test client".   We cannot get the email to the client to go thru.  We are using office 365  Has anybody else ever had this issue?  Setting changes?

We are just starting to use the kiosk feature and have run into issues with particular email domains. Midco.net and Charter.net emails will not go through due to security issues they are catching. We also cannot send emails to ourselves through kiosk due to issues caused by the fact that our email is encrypted and there is a "mismatch" between where the email is being sent from (Procentive) and the actual email address being used to send (our email address). We have not been able to figure a way around this. I would assume the portal email issue may be caused by the same discrepancies.

Our clients have mentioned that the email shows up in their Junk or Spam folders and is from appointment.reminders@lighthousecfs.com. We tell them to check these folders if they don't see the email within 5 minutes. We use Office 365 as well. Don't know it this will help, but it is how we tell clients to look for the email.

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately with the two email domains I mentioned that isn't the case-although it is with some of the others.