Sheryl Martin 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 3 years ago 4


Has anyone billed the 99072 yet?  If yes, what were your results?  Thanks!


Only HP has paid. MA denied with POS 03 (School). I have them looking into why they will not accept the 03 since we have SLMH staff in offices at the school so it is truly no different than if they come to the office itself. I submitted five sample 99072's and have only received responses from HP PMAP and MA. Still waiting on BluePlus, UCare and SCHA.

Not to be slow on the uptake here, but is it billed for every client then?  And is it just being billed on its own?

I ran a 1010 report for the dates covered and remove ARMHS and skills billing - any POS with Patient's Home and then only kept one service line for any group appointments. I only submitted five to the PMAP's with service lines left on the report, as a test. If they deny (like MA did on the POS School) then I will remove those service lines as well and only bill to the paid samples. I only ran the report for MA/PMAPs since commercial plans most likely won't pay and because of their shortened timely filing windows.

Thank you so much for all your helpful info!