Target Case Management Tiered Billing

ahawker 8 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Kari Droubie 8 years ago 1

Looking for some advice on how to track client contact in order to bill target case management tiered billing system. Does anyone currently use this billing system for their TCM program? This system allows you to bill at a higher rate as long as you have a certain amount of client contact. If you have billing system you are willing to share let me know. For audit purpose we will need to be able to document the client contact(clinical note and or time add??)

We don't have a TCM program but you could create a non-billable code so you can link it to a service line that will allow you to run a report (8030) on services provided based on the code you create. This service line can also be added to the note documenting the client contact. We use this system for another purpose.