ARMHS billing for MN MA / Modifier for supervised claims?

Kim N 3 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 3 years ago 2

We are some what new to the ARMHS program and are having issues with denials for MN MA... We have Mental Health Practitioners trying to bill individual services (H2017).

(They are Mental health practitioners NOT Mental health rehabilitation workers that would use the H2017 HM) 

Mental Health Practitioners are not licensed so need a supervisor. Yet, our supervised claims have a HN modifier on them.  Call center tells us that the claims can't have HN.  However, if we bill without the HN it will look like Supervisor is the one providing the service.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  They way we are billing works for Blue Plus and UCare PMAP..   Thanks!!


We had the same issue with MA. Back in 2016 they decided (they don't know why) because the reason has been archived into history but, they decided that the system would no longer acknowledge HN modifier for ARMHS services. They already understand that there is a supervisor relationship present so it doesn't matter to them. HM would be the only modifier they would need to make note of if you have a rehab worker in place. They will not reprocess denials (I've already asked) multiple times and was turned down multiple times. Simply reprocess without the HN in place and you should be good. 

Thanks Scott!! I appreciate the help!!