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Known Issue: Unable to kiosk clinical forms to a client who has declined client portal

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in Known Issues updated 8 years ago 1

SCOPE: This know problem effects any customer that sends clinical charting forms through client portal AND the client has declined client portal.

DETAILS: The problem occurs when you invite a client to client portal and send the client clinical charting forms to complete. The client will receive two emails (one to register & one to open their portal to the forms). If the client declines their portal, then the client will not be able to access the forms from the second email. This also means the client will not be able to fill out forms on their own through kiosk in the future.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO: At this time, you should only be aware of this issue when kiosking forms to clients.

We will provide updates here once we have more information.

Thank you.