Has anyone used Dragon software? Specifically looking at this product: https://www.nuance.com/healthcare.html

Julie R. Anderson, MA, LMFT 4 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Chris Werner 3 years ago 2

Looking at EHR- and HIPAA-compliant voice-to-text dictation program or app to assist with writing progress notes, etc.  Thoughts? 

One of our clinical therapists uses Dragon and likes it. I don't personally know too much about it but know she has recommended it to others!

Hi Julie,

Here is a response from a Psychiatrist that used the software:

I have been using Dragon Professional with Procentive for several years. It doesn't work perfectly, with the main problem being that it I try to correct a mistake Dragon often, but not always, stops transcribing into Procentive - but I still can use the Dragon Dictation box and then copy and past. I purchased it through Nuance.

After using it for several years, I can't image not having it!

Hope that helps!