Has anyone else attended the DHS trainings regarding direct access billing and/or DAANES entry changes?

LaVonne James 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 3 years ago 4

It looks like there are going to be many changes in order to bill MNITS for 1002, H2036 and H2035. Is Procentive aware of these changes and updated the software accordingly?

Thanks for asking that, I was just wondering the same thing. What I got out of the trainings is that we'll need to be able to enter a 5-digit code for each service in the value 24 code box and no longer require an auth number?  Any other changes noticed?

I submitted a ticket earlier this month about the value codes being added. Procentive has stated they are in contact with DHS to understand what they need to update.

I updated my codes today in Procentive and changed funding source in Daanes to Direct Access. Tomorrow I am going to try and submit my charges.  Wish me luck:) 

I attended the training and can help, if needed. We are still unable to do the uploads from Procentive directly to DAANES but have figured out what is needed to make it work.