Medica Billing

mxiong 8 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Teri 7 years ago 1

ome providers are having issues with billing Medica for mental health and chemical dependency claims since January of 2016 (change went into effect). Can anyone advise me on how they are billing these claims? Medica is requesting all residential billing be billed on a monthly basis and if a client misses one day (hospital, etc.) then the provider will need to bill that day(s) as a Leave of Absence (LOA). Has anyone billed this way? If so, could you provide some guidance regarding what revenue code you are using and what fields of the UB-04 form you are filling out to complete this claim? I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Hi Mxiong, have you resolve the issue with the LOA days for billing medica? I am having the same issue. If you have any info on this issue, please share.

Thanks so much : )