Hiding client charts

Cassandra Hams 4 years ago in Clients Module updated by sarah 4 years ago 3
We have a unique situation that I need help with. We currently have a previous client that is in our system that is now a employee at our agency. We have blocked staff from seeing her clinical charting, but we need staff to not even look her up in our system. So staff would not be able to see her name at all when searching in the client module. Has anyone ran into this situation? If so, what did you do?

Thank you!

Did I understand you correctly - you hired a former client?  

If you inactivate the staff and then set the permissions so that staff can only see their clients then that should cover most of the agency

You would also want to block all roles except your champion:

Blocking roles! Thank you for putting this here! We have always only blocked specific staff.