Invitation sent via Client Portal

Rochelle Garcia 4 years ago in Client Portal updated 4 years ago 3

Does anyone know of a report that shows the staff that sent the Client Portal Invitation to a client?  I have a client that received a client portal invitation and we are trying to figure out how it was sent because all of our office staff state they never sent it.

I thought when I went to the Client Portal Manager and looked up the client that information would be there but im not seeing.


When I go into the Client Portal Manager, I can see the forms sent for completion.  There it shows the date, the staff and all of the forms that were sent.

2095 report will show you a list of who has been invited to the client portal.

Thanks for that information.  Im trying to figure out how the client received the invitation.  We have not sent out client portal invitations in a few months and now a particular staff keeps saying her clients are getting these portal invites.  Trying to see who is sending these out.  

When I go to the Client Portal Manager for the client, it only shows the invitation sent - no forms which I feel like is where Ive seen the staff name like you mentioned Tammy but there were no forms sent for this particular client.