Telehealth - Mod 95 when Billing CCDTF/R25

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 4 years ago 2

Hello - I noticed that sometime last week MN DHS updated there Telehealth Billing (COVID) section to show that we should be billing with POS Office and Modifier 95. Up until recently we have been billing under POS Office with no modifier as that was the original direction given by DHS. Note, we were not a Telehealth Provider prior to COVID. 

Has anyone else been billing CCDTF with POS Office WITH Mod. 95????

Thank you - Jeremy

Jeremy - We are billing with POS 2, and not billing the modifier. I think it is based on when you sent in your paperwork for the telehealth approval. We have not received denials for not billing the modifier. Praying that doesn't change! Thanks - Sarah

We have been billed with POS 2 and no modifier as well, but like indicated by Sarah, it does depend on when your telehealth paperwork approvals were approved.