What to do when clients are being seen in the office and via telehealth

Tina B 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Rochelle Garcia 4 years ago 1

Wondering if anyone has come across this scenario yet.....we have clients coming into the office and being seen via telehealth. When submitting claims w/ place of service (pos) office, no modifier is needed; for telehealth a modifier is needed for most payers. Currently, I have to look in the Appointment Module to see which clients are coming into the office so I know to change the pos to "office" ( right now, I only have Telehealth pos available for providers as that is the majority). Unfortunately, I added the telehealth modifier when I billed them. Anyone have any ideas how to handle this when it becomes half office and half telehealth clientele?

In client module/notes.  Click on type and select "appointment"

Enter "telehealth" for those clients (or whatever you want to use to notate these clients are telehealth clients)

In Appointments click the configure link and make sure the "My Appointment Notes" box is checked in the options tab .

When you click on the appointment you will see the note for the client pop up on the right hand side

Thanks for bring this up because im sure when we begin to have our clients in the office this will become an issue too.

Hope this helps!