Billing for CD assessments.

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Carolyn Bunker 3 years ago 1

we are a children residential TX facility.  We are about to start billoing for CD Assessments can anybody help me out.  We currently bill 0944/0945 for our services under Revenue code 0944/0945  Would I also use this for the revenue code for CD assessments? can't seem to get any answers

We use service code H0001 with revenue code 0900 for most SUD assessments. Exceptions for us are:  

     A.   CCDTF (Rule 25) the service code is H0001, but the revenue code depends on the diagnosis. The code to use will be on the service agreement from DHS.

     B. Some out-of-state and/or commercial plans may require different service and/or revenue codes based on your provider agreement with them. Example: we use 90899 service code and 0918 revenue code for some UHC plans.

Hope this helps.