BCBS MN telehealth claims

Ashley 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 4 years ago 3

Has anyone else been having trouble with BCBS MN telehealth claims?  I'm having trouble billing our outpatient CD groups for telehealth.  I'm billing H2035 HQ with rev codes 0944 or 0945, no modifier and POS 02.  I've also tried billing with a modifier of 95.  I continue to get rejections with the following message:  "Error Message: Category: Acknowledgement/Rejected for relational field in error.  Status: Claim submitted to incorrect payer Entity: Billing Provider"

I'm unsure what to do or what to change as my Blue Plus claims are going through correctly at this point for the same provider and codes.

It might be your modifier. We are using the GT modifier for our BCBS and BluePlus billing for telehealth.

We, too, are using GT and POS 02, no problems with payment.

Thank you - I will give the GT modifier a try!