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I am wondering what video system everyone is using to see your clients for tele-health? Are there agencies using theralink through Procentive? We had already been using the state Vidyo system already, but want to know what else is out there that everyone has had luck with.  Thank you! 

We have used a little of Zoom as well. Like that features on there. It seems better to screen share.

Thank you!

We use a company called Secure Telehealth.  They use Zoom, but have added security.

I will look into that! Thank you!! 

We are using Tele Platform.  It has an interactive piece to it where you can play games or use a white board with clients.  We chose to use this software because we thought it would work well for some of our younger clients.

Rochelle, That is great! Thank you


We were using doxy.me free version before, but the quality was getting less, perhaps due to so many people using it. I think the paid services likely do a little better. We switched to thera-LINK, partly because we are looking forward to it being integrated with Procentive (would love to see that happen soon!) and are really pleased with it so far. While HIPAA requirements are relaxed at present, keep in mind that eventually, they will likely be enforced again, so getting started with a HIPAA compliant service will save you from having to do that later. Just a thought. :)


I use OnCall Health and like it a lot. 

Thank you everyone. Great information and very useful!