Telemedicine DHS 4.1.2020 Article

Chris W. 4 years ago in Telehealth updated by Mark Cornell 4 years ago 1

Has anyone been able to bill the codes 99441, 99442 or 99443 as suggested by DHS?  If so, what rates are you billing out at?  I am unable to locate this information anywhere.  The 99441 is for 5 - 10 minutes of Telephone evaluation, so is this to be considered your DA and can you charge more for that?  The 99442 is for 11 - 20 minutes of medical discussion and 99443 is 21 - 30 minutes of medical discussion.  Nothing for over 30 minutes.  

Is it safe to assume this is for therapists and care for their clients via telephone?  Or are these codes only for medical doctors?  Not finding clear identification for use of these.


My understanding is those were for Medical, not Mental.

This was a conversation I had with BCBS on Monday 4/6