Is there a report for this?

KatieW 4 years ago in Reporting Module updated 4 years ago 3

I've been looking at all my different reports for so long I'm starting to go cross-eyed. Does someone know which report to use if we're trying to get a clearer picture of average reimbursement by code, across all payers.

I've found reports that show total reimbursement over a time period but then it doesn't show total billed. I've found total billed/paid but then it doesn't split out by code, etc..  Do I have to take several different reports and combine all the data in order to get this information?

Any help would be appreciated

1010 should give you all that you're looking for. You'll have to filter down to only charges that have been paid/adjusted, but it's the most robust and helpful report in many cases.

I use the 1010 as well. If you do it as an excel document, you can change the sorts and do your own formulas for specific totals. You just have to remember that the cells are only numbers - the total lines don't have actual formulas in them, just the numbers. It comes with a little work, but I agree with Jason that it has the best detail. You can delete columns you don't want, or run it with the specific columns you want. I prefer to get everything all at once and then fine-tune it to what I need. Good luck!

Thanks for the input. I was hoping to avoid the 1010 as I know there's just so much data in it (I'm over 15,000 lines in excel already) but that is probably the best option.