Telehealth services for PHP or IOP groups during COVID

ahuseby 4 years ago in Telehealth updated 4 years ago 2

We have CD & MH PHP and IOP programs at our agency how are all of you handling these programs amidst COVID?  Is there any way to provide telehealth services via zoom for a group setting for these programs and still be able to bill for it?  Our clients need for the service to continue but the only way we can continue is if there was a telehealth way.  Any thoughts or ideas of how maybe your agency is handling it, is greatly appreciated

We have the same issue as we provide day treatment for adolescents. We are going to try using ZOOM healthcare starting next week.

Jill - how do you guys plan to bill for the service using Telehealth if you don't mind me asking?  Do you use the modifiers on the UB-04 as it doesn't look like you would use the 2 place of service.