Billing Modifiers for multiple services in same day

Kelli Feucht- ACS 4 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Shondell 4 years ago 7

We use modifier 59 sent with one of the services.  Generally for us it is the 90834,  Works well.

Thanks for your feedback.  We appreciate it!


59 for 2 therapies in one day

77 if there is more than 8 units of skills in a day

We are wondering if clinics have been successful billing for two services on the same day using modifiers 25, 59, XE or XP?  If so have the services been for clients who received individual psychotherapy(90834/90837) and group therapy (90853) on the same day.  What about if a client sees their MD for med check and the MD bills an add on psychotherapy code(99213+90833) then the client goes to group therapy(90853) or sees their therapist for individual therapy(90834/90837) on the same day?  One last scenario comes to see MD 99213+90833 then goes to IOP Rev code 905 billed on UB-04 same day?  We appreciate any feedback that can be provided, as insurance companies can not confirm if they will allow payment with modifiers.

I have never used XE, OR XP. I know you can do a indiv therapy and a group therapy on the same day. You cannot bill for group therapy/indiv therapy and a DA on the same day cause they see the DA as covering all of them. ive used the 25 for the 99214 codes and that does work. Sorry I can not help with more info

Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated!

We use modifiers XE and XP and have not had any problems.